We offer quality handwoven baskets for your family, business and other personal needs.

Baskets Kenya is a craft and art company that focuses on making creative products made of natural resources.

About Us

Welcome to Baskets Kenya: Crafting Nature's Beauty

At Baskets Kenya, we are more than just a crafts and art company – we are artisans of nature’s wonders, dedicated to creating exceptional products crafted from the finest natural resources. 

Our journey began with a vision: to infuse creativity, tradition, and sustainability into every piece we create.

Our Purpose

Rooted in the heart of Kenya, our purpose is clear – to bring the beauty of nature into your everyday life. Through our intricate craftsmanship, we transform raw materials into exquisite handwoven masterpieces. Whether it's for your family, your business, or your personal indulgence, our products offer an authentic touch of Kenya's and African heritage.

Our Mission

To protect the environment and improve community lifestyle.

Our Vision

To provide naturally woven traditional products to anyone who wants them but cannot easily access and with the customization they desire.